Lionel Richie says the only person who could’ve saved Whitney Houston was Whitney Houston.

Richie – a close friend of the late singer, who battled substance abuse before her sudden death in February – knows from his experiences with daughter, Nicole, who had problems with heroin and cocaine abuse, that she was the only person who could have turned her life around.

“You know … I know from Nicole’s experience. At some point, you’ve got to realize the only person that’s going to save you – Nicole, or Whitney – is going to be yourself,” Richie told UK TV show “BBC Breakfast.” “This is a tough business, a very tough business, and you don’t hear this story every day, about people who are in our business, but it happens every day. The stories you don’t hear are the stories of the people who are not famous.”

Richie, 62, also said he can understand how celebrities find it hard to see reality when they are surrounded by people who tell them everything they do is right. Asked about being surrounded by such people, he added, “I’m not immune to that. We’ve had that all the time.”

“I get suspicious, when from the time I wake up in the morning to when I go to bed in the evening, everything I did was okay,” said Richie. “That’s great, but you know there’s nothing you could do all day that’s perfect, so you get suspicious and go, ‘Something’s wrong if I’m right all the time.'”

His daughter managed to overcome her problems when she checked into rehab in 2003, and Richie recently revealed how he even went to stay in the facility with her.