Eddie Murphy offered comedic portrayals of singer James Brown when he was a regular on “Saturday Night Live,” but any depiction of the Godfather of Soul on the big screen will need to be fully developed.

“His story is incredible. Imagine how incredible Ray Charles’ story was. What an incredible job he did, and he’s at the piano. James is doing splits and running and Angel Dust and jumping and shooting up tires. James’ story is bananas. James’ story is sex, drugs, rock and roll and what the f*ck,” Eddie told BlackTree TV.

According to Eddie, Spike Lee has already created a wonderful script about James’ life, but those who oversee James’ estate haven’t yet agreed on the direction of the film.

“There’s the most incredible script that Spike Lee worked on that’s James Brown. That’s incredible. It has everything in it, but you have to get with the people who have the rights to James’ story. I think it’s like four different people,” Eddie explained.

Although the movie isn’t even in production yet, Eddie is considering taking on the role, but that will need to happen quickly.

“I just hope it comes together in the next few years. I’m 50. I ain’t going to be able to do a split in a few years. My split days are coming to an end very shortly,” he joked.

No matter who ultimately ends up in the starring role, Eddie is optimistic that Spike’s version of the film won’t disappoint.

“That James Brown thing is a great, great piece I wish could come together. It has everything,” he said.