Somaya Reese has been working hard on her image, music, and body. Along with weight loss, she’s also losing some boobage.

Love & Hip Hop’s Somaya Reece is making some changes in her life…

And she’s starting with her boobs.

In a series of blogs posted on her website recently, she revealed that she would be getting her 40E cups down-sized over the next few months and that she will make video blogs to document the journey.  Over the years, Somaya’s breasts have caused her back pain, scarring from her bra straps and even made it difficult for her to exercise without the help of a few bras to hold them down. When she voiced her desire for a reduction to some of her reps in the past, they were against it because they felt as though she would lose her sex appeal.  She writes:

Some people around me had many selfish opinions about this.  Some of them being I would lose my sex appeal or why mess with what God gave me. Sex appeal?? HONEYS! I don’t care about that at all. I’m not here to sell sex, i’m here to be healthy. Funny because many of my old representatives  were so against it because their were too concerned about selling SEX for the short term dollar.  They literally let me know that in this business SEX sells and nothing else. WTF? Really?  This business is so cold and it’s funny how many women think that they need enhancements to get noticed in the entertainment business. You should NEVER alter your body to be in this business. Don’t let these sharks pray on you because THEY WILL. And they will misguide you! You don’t need to fall into the pressure of society. It is deadly and can lead to a vicious cycle of low self esteem because of trying to “fit in” with all the glam you see in the media. Don’t do it! Don’t fall into the hype. You are beautiful at any size and shape. And anyone that says other wise or wants to not be a part of your life because of it. Tell them to kick rocks.

Somaya has also lost over 16 lbs since filming the last season of Love & Hip Hop. Check out some of her new pics:

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