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With much reaction to Rihanna and Chris Brown working on songs together in recent weeks, prominent equal/women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred (pictured below) gave her thoughts to Chris Yandek of on the two singers working together after Chris Brown physically assaulted Rihanna back in 2009.

“It’s a unique situation where we have two people who are involved in a highly covered, high profile situation involving violence against Rihanna who was the victim now seeking to profit off of that coverage by doing something together. This is, it’s pretty, I think it’s horrible. I think they should donate all their profits to a battered woman’s shelter, which I doubt that they will do. In addition, I do think it sends a bad message and I’m concerned about her.”

Ms. Allred notes that she is concerned for Rihanna’s safety and believes Chris Brown still needs to work on his anger management issues:

“If they get back together, I don’t really see information that says that he’s completely changed, that he doesn’t have an anger management problem anymore. In fact to the contrary, given a very strong and belligerent email that he sent to people who criticize the Grammys for giving him a Grammy and you know was a very, very harsh email that he sent out. It sounds as though maybe he still has a lot more to do in terms of working on anger management issues. And we all remember her face full of bruises from him after that incident in question. And you know I’m concerned about her safety or about the safety of any other woman who might be in contact with him and who might be in an intimate relationship with him.”

Attorney Allred has represented female clients who have been physically abused. She says it’s very common for the woman to go back to the abuser and face more physical abuse. She cautions Rihanna:

“It’s very common for them to go back and it’s very common to be abused all over again because nothing changes in his, you know, if he doesn’t get help and even then I’m not sure that it is really effective. He’s just gonna continue the cycle of violence which is essentially sweet talking her, giving her gifts and flowers and then ultimately taking control again and then battering her because he doesn’t like what she said or did and then you know, then begging her forgiveness and starting the cycle all over again. Nothing changes except that usually the battery gets more intense over time, more severe and more frequent.”

You can hear the entire interview with Gloria Allred at Chris Yandek’s

Source: EurWeb