Texans will begin the devastating task of counting the costs of an unprecedented cluster of tornadoes that ripped through major towns and cities in the state Tuesday.

Homes were reduced to rubble and more than a dozen people injured as the powerful storm swept trucks across the sky and base-ball sized hail stones punched holes in the roofs of cars and homes.

Meteorologists said it was the first time two ‘extremely dangerous’ tornadoes hit two large metropolitan areas at the same time.

Arlington and Lancaster were worst hit with both areas being declared ‘disaster zones’, while damage was reported in at least nine cities in five counties.

But incredibly no-one so far been reported killed by the staggering series of six to 12 twisters believed to have touched down at some point in the area. See truck in the air below.

Thousands survive twister outbreak! Watch

Texas tornado damages Schneider trailers:

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