Mary J. Blige finally responds after black folks across the nation were outraged after peeping the singer’s new ad for Burger King. The ad shows the R&B star singing (real hard) about some fried chicken!

The spot debuted this week. In it, Blige sings soulfully about chicken snack wraps. But as the video went viral, some in the black community criticized the ad as stereotypical. Several Black blogs likened it to “buffoonery.”

Burger King said Tuesday the commercial was pulled because of a licensing concern. The company said it hopes to have the Blige “ads back on the air soon,” though a spokeswoman would not comment on whether they ads would be the same.

The spokeswoman also noted that other celebrities, including Salma Hayek and Jay Leno, also are advertising the snack wraps.

Meanwhile Blige has responded to the ad saying it was not what the singer thought she signed up for.

“I agreed to be a part of a fun and creative campaign that was supposed to feature a dream sequence. Unfortunately, that’s not what was happening in that clip,” Blige told the website. “I understand my fans being upset by what they saw. But, if you’re a Mary fan, you have to know I would never allow an unfinished spot like the one you saw go out.”

Peep the ad below…

What do you think, was it over the top?

via BlackMediaScoop

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