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An accident in Texas has raised a lot of questions about whether we have another racial issue on our hands.  A couple of weeks ago two black teenagers were riding in their go carts around their homes when a Jeep struck the young men. The woman is caucasian and the young men are black.  When asked about the incident, this is what happened according to one of the teen’s father Jules Moor:

 “She left from the northbound lane, crossed over into the southbound lane, jumped the curb and hit my son head on in his go-cart.”

 “I don’t think, I know for a fact that she intentionally did it,”

The woman has NOT been arrested and instead the Sherrif’s department is waiting for a Grand Jury investigation.  When asked whether race was involved, Mr. Moor denied it:

“Race is not an issue, what is an issue is right and wrong,” said the victim’s father Jules Moor.

The woman who was driving in her neighborhood on March 13th when, as she puts it, noticed two teens driving “erractically” in their go carts  released this statement:

“As a mother of two children, I was concerned for the safety of these kids because they were driving their vehicle erratically and at high speeds through the neighborhood and also came dangerously close to a lake. When I saw them driving erratically for the second or third time that evening, I pulled my vehicle over and stopped

What do you think happened?  Was this a racially charged crime?


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