VIDEO: “Help! My Husband Says He Only Loves Me as a Friend”


What’s worse than learning that your husband had an affair? Hearing that he doesn’t love you anymore. In this video, YourTango Expert Shela Dean offers advice for what to do if your significant other says he still loves you but isn’t in love with you anymore.

Is your relationship doomed because he’s fallen out of love? Not necessarily. While hearing those words “can cut like a knife,” there may still be hope for your marriage, says Shela. “It’s important for both you and your husband to understand that, in a way, mother nature has played a dirty little trick on you.” In other words, the hormones that kicked in when you first fell in love have died down, leaving you less euphoric than when the relationship began. Related: 2 Tips For Fighting Fair In Intimate Relationships

While those initial feelings are often impossible to sustain, there are tricks you can try to ignite them again. Believe it or not, your best bet might be to have sex with each other. Physical intimacy can stimulate the same hormones that made you fall in love in the first place.

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