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4 Ways to Add More Laughter to Your Dating Life


Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine!”Laughter is the best medicine” is probably one of the most overused clichés. But so what? A chuckle can do wonders for the soul-not to mention your dating life. Our friends at dating site Zoosk polled their Facebook fans in honor of April being National Humor Month to find out just how important humor is in a relationship. Not surprisingly, of the nearly 700 respondents, most – regardless of their relationship status – agreed that yes, laughter is one of the keys to a successful romance. Taking these findings to heart, here are four things to try when adding laughter to your love life, with more results from the survey.

Watch a funny movie together. Seemingly a pretty obvious method for giggles. And, most likely, it’s something an established couple does pretty regularly anyway. But be sure to use it to your advantage, daters of the world – 87 percent of men and 74 percent of women say humorous flirtation can get them in the mood for sex. So start quoting Jason Segel, dudes, and ladies, take a cue or two from Kristen Wiig. Related: 7 Things You Should Feel Comfortable Doing In Front Of Your Man

Tell a joke. On a date, don’t shy away from sharing an embarrassing moment or a joke you overheard at work. Yes, the chemistry in the beginning of a relationship is important, but 64 percent of Americans also feel a good sense of humor is crucial. If the story or joke is funny, it will set the tone for plenty of laughter to come. If it’s not, hopefully your date will give you an A for effort (72 percent of women and 87 percent of men agree they would give you a second chance after a failed attempt at a laugh).

But be wary… Just watch the tone and content of your humor. Most women (60 percent) admitted they’ve had their feelings hurt by a joke that’s crossed the line. Steer clear of crude and potentially offensive topics – 43 percent prefer a “goofy” sense of humor, anyway.

When all else fails, let someone else be funny. In my humble, wish-I-were-a-stand-up, opinion, a night at a comedy club is a seriously underrated and underutilized date option. Most of the time the settings are intimate, the performers relatively unknown, and the likelihood of date two pretty high. Plus, if you’re self-conscious about the way your face contorts when you’re on the brink of peeing your pants in laughter (what I call the “ugly laugh”), you’ll be surrounded by folks with the same issue. How comforting.

How do you bring laughter into your love life?

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