Uh oh Real Housewives of Atlanta fans, cast changes may be coming to your fave show! Word is singer Monica is in talks to join the hit Bravo reality show!


During a recent interview with Bravo’s Andy Cohen, Monica was asked if she’d consider filming RHOA and she said “”They don’t want me there. They wouldn’t want me there!” You know she said it with that Black girl, neck roll thing we do lol!

Monica is married to NBA star Shannon Brown, seen below.


Insiders at BRAVO also have KEISHA COLE on their wish list. The singer who is married to NBA baller Daniel Gibson is also a “real housewife of atlanta” and execs believe she would add to the cast in more ways than one.


They say “If we can’t get Keisha don’t be surprised if we go after her sister Neffie! Can you imagine Neffie & NeNe on the same damn show! Drama = Ratings BONANZA for us.” (*faint*) The only challenge with that scenario is BET is still in the mix when it comes to contracts with Keisha’s family so stay tuned…


Meanwhile we’re also hearing RHOA execs are talking to singer NeYo’s baby mama Monyetta, seen below. They like Mo because she’s allegedly outgoing, dramatic and has a long history of dating athletes

There’s just one problem, peeps close to Mo say NeYo isn’t on board with her joining the cast.