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Now and later

You don’t have to sacrifice present joy and richness for future value, and you don’t have to compromise your future to enjoy right now. You can choose to live richly and joyfully in the present while also being positively responsible for your future.

Sure there are momentary pleasures that will have a negative impact on your future. Yet you can fully enjoy this moment without resorting to those empty, fleeting pleasures.

Yes, there are responsibilities you must tend to right now in order to create a more positive future. But there’s no need to feel burdened or oppressed by them.

In fact, one of the best ways to enjoy the present moment is by being productive and creative and focused on a meaningful positive purpose. Instead of filling your moments with shallow pleasures that will soon be gone, you can fill your life with deep, profound joy that will continue to grow stronger.

Being disciplined and responsible toward your own future is not really a sacrifice at all. When you continue to remind yourself of the value of what you’re doing, it is a constant source of satisfaction and abiding richness.

Make the choices that will enrich your future while also drinking in every bit of the richness of right now. Live with authentic positive presence and purpose, and you can have it all.

— Ralph Marston

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