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A user asks: Who Can You Trust?

By Andrea

Tear Drop crafted by Master Robert-Studio RoyalMy heart is heavy tonight. I’m having trouble figuring out how this could have happened and why. I’m a very open, honest and trusting person. I’m starting to think that being this way has opened me up to users and liars. I’m starting to think that the people I say are bitter are just realists seeing the awful truth, which I refuse to see.

Thursday night while hanging out with a friend she told me something that even now I’m having trouble digesting. She innocently asked me how I could be friends with my best friend. I was a little taken aback as she doesn’t really know her except to say hello. I told her we’ve been friends for over 9 years. She looked at me for a second and then said, “I know you and your ex-husband are good friends and you aren’t in love with him, but how can you be friends with her when she f****d your ex-husband?” SAY WHAT?!? I was floored. I had my suspicions, but I just thought it was silly. I never really thought that they would do that. I pretended like I knew and changed the subject.

I confronted the ex and he claimed that all they did was kiss and that my alleged best friend was drunk and doesn’t even remember. First of all, it was more than a kiss or my other friend would not have specifically said they “f****d”. Second of all, anytime someone says “I was drunk” they say that to excuse their poor behavior. However, giving the girl the benefit of the doubt, she should have told me after the fact…not hide it.

The problem I have with all of this is they both know had they come to me before this occurred I would have been okay with it, but the fact that they did it and then hid it from me speaks volumes about their character. Not to mention the fact that when she was going through her divorce she forbade me to even so much as say “hi” to her ex-husband, but she can screw mine?

I feel so betrayed and I also feel like a total idiot. I feel like two people who are like family to me are no longer my friends. I can’t trust her…I can’t trust him. I’m a firm believer that if you can’t trust someone then there’s no need for them in your life. Part of me thinks I should confront her and tell her why I am no longer her friend. However, I’m not one for drama or any type of revenge, so the fade away seems appropriate. This may not be the adult way to handle it, but it’s my way.

Until next time, be kind to each other and leave your bitter baggage at the door.

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