Expand the beauty

There is magnificent beauty in life. And what’s even better, is that you can make much, much more.

Delight in the beauty that’s here right now. Let it inspire you to create new forms of beauty and value that have never existed before.

Remind yourself how good it is to be living in a world filled with endless possibilities. Express your sincere gratitude by bringing some of the best possibilities to life.

Open yourself to see the wonder and magnificence in even the smallest things. Feel how good it feels to be in awe of each moment you’re in.

The way beyond life’s negativity is not to fight it but to overwhelm it with joy. Let yourself be a constant conduit of life’s immense joy.

Joyfully put life’s ever-present goodness to good and meaningful use. Spread the joy, expand the beauty, and make life richer than it has ever been.

— Ralph Marston