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5 Sexy Props… From Your Fridge!

By Romance Recovery’s Johanna Lyman for GalTime.com

Sexy props from your fridge! Are you looking for ways to add a little zest to your sex life? Rather than worry that there’s something wrong, take some some steps to spice it up.

Start in the place where the flavors and textures live… your kitchen! Here are five things that you probably have in your refrigerator that can be used as sexy props. If you don’t have these items, you can easily find them at the grocery store.

5 Sexy Props From Your Fridge

1. Chocolate Sauce. ‘Nuf said. Everyone knows chocolate is a sexy food. Warm or cold, drizzle some chocolate sauce over your partner. Be sure to make eye contact for extra sizzle.

2. Whipped Cream. You can’t have chocolate sauce without whipped cream, can you? But it’s not tied to sex just because it’s ‘hot’ to lick it off. It’s simply fun. Who doesn’t love the sound of whipped cream squirting from a can? Having fun is an important, if often overlooked, component to great sex.

3. Pudding. You’re probably thinking about the mess you’ll have to clean up if you smear each other with pudding, but that’s not what I’m suggesting. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not the only use for pudding. Try feeding it to each other… it’s a “nice” way to get naughty.

4. Strawberries. Strawberries are considered an aphrodisiac, but not necessarily for a chemical reason. Strawberries fall into the category of foods that turn you on because they remind you of something else. Their juicy succulence is irresistible, especially if they’re dipped in chocolate and fed to you by your man… or vice versa.

5. Ice cubes. Extreme cold on sensitive body parts, followed by a kiss from a hot mouth in the same spot, causes instant and extreme arousal. Then there’s the fun of chasing the ice cube as it melts and slips out of your hand. Seriously, add some levity to your sex life to spice it up.

Foods that Boost Your Libido

Are you getting revved up yet? Good! And this list doesn’t even include the array of foods that are known aphrodisiacs. But I won’t leave you with a tease. If you’re looking for foods to boost your libido, start with the quintessential oyster. A study by George Fisher, a professor of chemistry from Barry University, in Miami Shores, Florida, and his colleagues discovered that mussels, clams, and oysters contain compounds that have been shown to be effective in releasing sexual hormones. Other studies have shown that foods high in zinc, as oysters are, boost male libido.

Coffee, tea, and chocolate have also been linked to improved libido, most likely for their stimulant qualities.

Sexy Scents

But the real winner in the quest for increased libido is in the nose. Apparently, the nose knows. Several studies done by the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation in Chicago seem to prove that certain scents can cause an increase in blood flow to both male and female genitalia, which is one of the ways we measure sexual arousal.

What are those sexy scents, you ask? According to the studies, men were most aroused by the smell of pumpkin pie, especially when it was combined with lavender. Next on the list were donuts, and the combination of donuts with pumpkin pie was highly erotic as well. Other aromas that scored high on the arousal charts for men include oranges, black licorice, lily of the valley, buttered popcorn and cheese pizza.

Women were most aroused by the scent of baby power, pumpkin pie and lavender, licorice, a mix of candy and cucumber, chocolate and banana nut bread.

So stock your fridge, bake a nice pumpkin pie, and light a lavender candle. Then get ready to have a really good time. Don’t

forget the eye contact, and don’t forget to have fun.  Original Story

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