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Bad boys beware — as early as next month, the TV showCOPS will hit the streets with Toledo police officers capturing whatever mischief and mayhem the officers respond to.

The long-running program is expected to start eight weeks of filming in early June, said Morgan Langley, the show’s producer.

Two film crews will spend eight to 10 hours a day, five days a week, with officers on all shifts, in all parts of town documenting “as accurately as possible what these officers encounter … and the true nature of their work,” Mr. Langley said in a telephone interview from his Los Angeles office.

Toledo police Sgt. Joe Heffernan said department officials had a meeting with TV show executives in Toledo to discuss filming the program before giving the green light.

The sergeant said there isn’t much, if any, preparation work the department has to do before the cameras start rolling, but he said the city’s law department did have to sign off to “make sure that what they’re proposing is consistent with what the city wants to do here as far as liability.”

City Law Director Adam Loukx said he does not have any “significant liability concerns. Any time somebody rides along, we get a waiver or a release where appropriate.”

He said there are “common-sensical” things that he hopes wouldn’t be aired, such as the execution of search warrants or the names of people who are not arrested or indicted.

City spokesman Jen Sorgenfrei did not return a call for comment.

“Everything we do is pretty much an open book anyway,” Sergeant Heffernan said, adding that there is some information that has to be kept from the public because of ongoing investigations. “…As far as along the lines of patrol work and street calls, the things officers will encounter, it’s pretty much all on video anyway and all pretty much an open book.”

Mr. Langley said Toledo is one of several locations that film crews will visit this year — the segments will be incorporated into episodes for the next season, which is set to air in September, 2013.

There was no specific reason for coming to Toledo, Mr. Langley said, except that a show producer met a Toledo police official at a convention and, after explaining what the show does, the official suggested they film here.

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