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10 Sex-Free Ways to Reignite Your Relationship

By | Love + Sex – Wed, May 9, 2012 6:19 PM EDT

Hand-holdingWhat ever happened to love and romance? Oh yeah, life happened.

If you’re looking to bring back that loving feeling, you’re in luck. With a little bit of time and creative energy, you can create a personal expression of love that shows him just how much you care. The best part is, you won’t have to pawn your mother’s pearls to do it!

Check out these 10 sweet ways to show him love!

Homecooked meal Make his all-time favorite childhood dish

Brace yourselves, this one takes a call to his mama. Surprise him with a favorite home-cooked meal from his childhood.

Be young Be young

Attend a concert from the band that set the soundtrack to your romantic beginning. Go for the cheap seats and drink beer on the lawn like old times.

Mixtape  Create your relationship soundtrack

Go the way of the modern mixed tape and create a playlist that includes the first song you danced to, your favorite make-out tunes, and your wedding song. Rev his engine by popping your romantic soundtrack into his car so it’s the first thing he hears when starts the ignition.

Hometown Celebrate his hometown

Surprising him with something that reminds him of home is a thoughtful way to show how much you care. Imagine his surprise when he finds his favorite hometown donuts shipped right to his front door!

Bear hug Give a hug and don’t let go

Go big or go home with an uncomfortably long bear hug.

Battleship Appeal to the kid in him

Nothing is sweeter than the gift of nostalgia. eBay is a great resource for the old board games and toys of his childhood like this listing for a 1978 Battleship game from eBay.

See something beautiful  See something beautiful together

Bring a picnic and enjoy the view of a sunrise, sunset, the ocean, or beautiful scenery – a simple, serene, and romantic gesture.

Love story Write your love story

If you’re not a writer, don’t despair. Dig up those old emails and love notes that started it all and organize them chronologically into a keepsake book.

Drive somewhere Drive somewhere … anywhere

Pack an overnight bag and an appetite for adventure and just drive. Go without a plan, without a map, and without expectations.

Kiss Kiss like the French do

Oo la la! Surprise him and go for the sexy gusto in a fiery public display of affection.

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-By Lori Garcia