It’s been six months since Nia Long gave birth to her second son Kez Sunday Udoka, and she looks amazing in recent pics that have circulated the web!! While folks are ready for her to get back to work, Nia says she’s enjoying the personal “rebirth” she’s been experiencing since becoming a mother again. She recently sat down with The Urban Daily and revealed that even though she’s ready to get back to acting, motherhood has shown her how to appreciate the little things in life and remain stress free. She says that she’s looking for that perfect balance for her home and her career, but looking at life through her 6-month-old’s eyes has given her a new, refreshing perspective on life:

I am the happiest that I’ve been probably in my life. It’s funny because I haven’t done a film since Mooz-Lum so I’m very ready to get back to work. I thought that I was right basically when I was feeling well and I had this surge of energy. But I realized that energy wasn’t about getting back to work, it was about the rebirth of myself through giving birth. Baby Kez Sunday has given me a bit of a rebirth and it’s really nice because I’m able to look at life through his eyes. You have to pay attention to the smallest thing from the birds chirping to the dog barking across the street. These are the things that make the world go around today. When you look at life in its simplest form, stress and worry isn’t the cornerstone of your life. Experiencing life through that lens is refreshing.

I’m just trying to balance my personal life with my career.  Both are equally important and the one thing I don’t want to have is regrets in not having these moments with my babies. My eleven-year old is running the show. He’s like “mom when are you making another movie.” [But] My little guy is just looking at the trees amazed by his fingers, his tongue…the smiling. I wanna give him…I’m still a nursing mommy. I have to do this for him. We’ll see. I am true believer that good work finds you and I hope that I’ve established enough of a career of myself that when they want Nia Long they’ll find Nia Long.

Although Nia is loving mommyhood, she is still making moves behind-the-scenes. She’s currently working on a directorial project with Ann Wolfe, a retired, record holding female boxer who is a mother of three. Ann was homeless at 18 after her mother died of ovarian cancer but went on to became a champion fighter.

have a passion project that I’m working on right now. I’m working with the amazing Ann Wolfe. She was a female boxer. She has an amazing story and I have her life rights. I’m actually going to pick her up right now. I have some meetings today.”

“She’s such a dynamic woman. She’s a southern girl with southern principals, ideals and manners. We went to dinner last night and she said to the waitress “Yes ma’am, thank you ma’am” and in California you don’t hear that. I’m just happy that she trusted me with her life and her story.”