We can officially say Usher & Tameka Raymond’s divorce drama has hit rock bottom! During testimony a marriage counselor took the stand and says Tameka blamed Usher for sleeping with not one, but two of her bridesmaids!


Attorney Lisa West called Marriage Therapist Sola Winley to the stand during the divorce proceedings. Winley gave direct testimony as to why he believed Tameka Raymond was under a great deal of stress. One of the things that stood out in his testimony was the fact that Tameka told him that Usher had slept with two of her bridesmaids. This revelation apparently didn’t go well with Usher as he stormed out the courtroom during a recess mumbling the words, “Now I am sleeping with her bridesmaids?”


It didn’t end there, former nannies threw Usher and Tameka under the bus with details about how much they loved the kids but couldn’t deal with the horrible parenting going on.

Nanny Jenny Silva said her interactions with Usher were “not good” and her interaction with Tameka were “terrible”. Ironically Usher testified that he was willing to pay for Silva because he wanted insurance that someone would be with the children at all times because he knew Tameka might be away or not attentive.

He cited two instances, one of which was Tameka leaving the house saying she was going to the movies, but being gone for 2-3 days leaving the children with Silva. Silva allegedly had many run-ins with Tameka regarding her lack of parenting, leaving for extended periods of time and not having food in the house. Usher estimated the former couple went through 11 nannies since their divorce. Damn!


Meanwhile, Tameka may end up homeless! She will be out on the street in less than 60 days if Usher wants it that way, and peeps close to her say she’s totally freaking out.

Not only are the couple fighting over custody, they’re also battling over Usher’s Georgia mansion. Tameka’s currently living there but under the divorce settlement Usher can sell the propertywhenever he wants as long as he gives her a 60-day heads up.

We’re told Tameka fears Usher is going to pull the trigger leaving her buried in legal debt with no place to live so she’s asking him for a permanent home for her and Usher’s kids. Usher’s response … uh NO! He says he’s already paid her enough.

The trial continues later this month.

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