Things You Should Never Reveal on a First Date

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Don’t ruin a potential relationship with these conversation killers.I’m generally a huge believer in being who you are, no matter where you are. Meaning, even on a first date, when you are trying to impress someone, you shouldn’t be afraid to be authentically you. Unfortunately, some people take the concept of being themselves no matter what and run with it … running their dates away in the process.

While you should remain true to yourself no matter what, the whole point of a date is to meet new people, not scare them away. It is possible to strike a balance between being yourself and being a good first date. Read More: How To Rock The Hell Out Of Being Single

Here are 4 things you should never say on a first date:

1. “I’m not quite over my ex.” Who wants to fall for someone who is still attached to someone else and not even trying to hide it? By saying this, you’re basically holding a big red sign that reads, “drama.”

2. “I did the craziest thing last weekend!” Listen, we all do crazy things … drunken, stupid, crazy things, and while there is a chance your date will laugh at your weekend exploits, there’s also a chance he will judge you based on the crazy stories you tell. That’s what people do on first dates – judge! Don’t hand the ammunition right over to him. Read More: Texting Your Way To Love

3. “I want to be married by the beginning of next year, and pregnant by next summer.” Life goals are great, but sharing the timeline you’ve created for yourself in regards to dating, marriage, and children only succeeds in scaring men off, even before you’ve had dessert. When he hears this, he can’t tell if you’re interested in him, or just in a rush to meet your personal deadline and just need a warm body.

4. “This year has been really tough; let me tell you why.” In some way or another, life can be tough on all of us. But, if your hardships and struggles are your first choice of topics of conversation, you’re not sharing your life – you’re sharing your negativity. Nobody wants to date someone who drags them down or seems unstable emotionally. Read More: Do You Have A Type?

Being true to yourself can sometimes mean holding back. Take it slow in regards to the details about your life that you choose to share, and remember that first dates are all about fun … there will be plenty of time for the serious stuff later.

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