So… Three men are arrested for trying to blow up the President’s Campaign Headquarters and The Mayor of Chicago’s home!!! This is ridiculous, what is this world coming to? Thankfully, the terrorist plot was foiled.

President Obama’s campaign headquarters has become the focus of a debunked terrorist attack.Three men were taken into custody last week, accused of making bombs known as Molotov cocktails to blow up the president’ campaign location in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home, and other areas to be hit during this weekend’s NATO summit.

The suspects were apprehended last Wednesday (May 16) following a raid on an apartment on the city’s South Side. According to defense attorney Michael Duetsch, the arrests were an attempt at discouraging potential protests during the summit. “This is just propaganda to create a climate of fear,” he said. He also alleges that undercover police officers were the culprits behind the Molotov cocktails. “We believe this is all a setup and entrapment to the highest degree.”

All three of the suspects—Brian Church, 20, Jared Chase, 24, and Brent Vincent Betterly, 24— were charged with providing material to support terrorism, possession of explosives, and conspiracy to commit terrorism. Six other people were arrested during the raid, but were released Friday (May 18) without being charged. Church, Chase and Betterly are all being held on $1.5 million bond.

The terrorists plot is the latest in a couple of attempted attacks on President Obama, since he launching his re-election campaign earlier this month. Most recently, a Virginia man was arrested for sending threats to the White House and upon facing a judge at his hearing, asked to be sentenced to death.

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