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The UK’s Mirror reports on a study that shows women’s waistlines are six inches bigger today than they were 60 years ago. Why? While your first thought may lean towards diet, the research, performed by service provider Saga, says it’s because women do less housework.

The survey studied 8,000 people in Britain. According to the group, our new-tech, high-end appliances, which save us so much time and help women to step out of traditional roles, are causing us to gain weight. Nevermind that more women are able to have flexible schedules and balance work-family issues. If you want to lose weight, you need to go back 60 years in time.

“When you think of the time that women had to spend cleaning and cooking, life is so much easier now – although obviously that has contributed to the bigger waistlines,” Director general Dr Ros Altmann said.

The survey also took into account that 60 years ago, food rationing was still a standard in 1952. In addition, couples often provided financial support for elderly parents while today many of the over 50 population support themselves.

On the brightside, although waistlines may have grown, life expectancy for a 65-year-old woman has increased to an additional 24 years, and 22 years for men. In addition, perspectives on retirement have also changed. Back in 1952, retirement meant relaxation. Today, it’s a chance to pick up a new passion with about four in 10 adults opting to continue working after retirement.

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