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Yup, I watched it. Just long enough for Shaunie and Tami to get on my last nerve and to see the reunion no one expected to happen on what was actually the “Basketball Wives” season 4 reunion special: Evelyn and Jen made up—so it seems. Who knew a lie detector test could bring two past BFFs back together within a few hours, right?

I have to say the moment was touching and I don’t doubt it’s authenticity. We’ve seen Evelyn cry at the drop of ahat during the last few episodes of the series, and let’s be honest, it takes a lot of effort to stay mad at someone and carry around the degree of anger she’s been demonstrating on the show. Even until the end, Ev still tried to play tough saying she doesn’t miss her friendship with Jennifer. The polygraph John Salley had both ladies take blew the lid right off that lie and Jen was honest about hers and said that she missed her best friend of 10 years. When the women embraced I can only imagine the type of release they felt, letting their guards down, shedding tears for the ignorance that surpassed in a matter of 10 weeks, and likely remembering better times. I won’t say that John Salley’s move of bringing the girls center-stage to hold hands and hug like parents do with little kids wasn’t scripted—along with Shaunie’s penny worth of thoughts on why they needed to make up—but I do believe both women genuinely love and miss each other and still want to be friends, the question is, can they make it happen?

The entire time I watched Evelyn badmouth Jen this season I kept thinking of one of my college roommates. She had two or three best friends that were always in heavy rotation. One minute they were all cool, the next only two of them were speaking, sometimes they all fell out with each other, and every time that happened she would tell all of their business—like deep, dark dirty secrets you wouldn’t want anyone to know. She would call them b****es and h*es and all kinds of other foolishness, only to be back cool again months or maybe as long as a year later. But all I could think was if my best friend and I ever fell out, there were just some things I would never say or tell about her out of respect for her, our friendship, and the extremely likely possibility of whatever argument we were in likely not being the true end of our friendship. Evelyn didn’t do that, not even a little bit. And so as Jen, it would be very hard for me to allow Evelyn to regain my trust, especially when the cameras start rolling again for the next season of the show.

The reunion between Jen and Evelyn happened at a perfect time. Evelyn appears to be going through some sort of transformation, completely brought on by the threat of unemployment nonetheless, so I’m not totally shocked she let her guard down and seems to want to let bygones be bygones, but that’s easy to do when you’re the one in the wrong. I think Jen should be just as cautious letting Evelyn back into her life as she was embracing her last night, and stick to her rule of not discussing anything “like this,” meaning in front of the crowd of onlookers, their so-called friends, and the cameras.

Jen may not be totally innocent in the breakdown of the friendship, but Evelyn’s got a lot of ‘splainin’ and making up to do. Jen better stay alert and make sure this wasn’t a damage control ploy or even just an attempt to get Nia’s lawsuit dropped, but a genuine effort to rebuild their relationship. What do you think?

Do you think Jen and Evelyn will really make up? Should they?

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