5 “Men Ain’t S**t” Moments From Reality TV

A man can be your best friend, lover, protector and confidant. On the flip side, a man can make you cry, break you down and make you feel lost in a room full of directional signs (only visible to those not blinded by love). It can happen to any woman, whether she is beautiful, dangerously curvy, rich, poor, pink, purple or brown.

The embarrassment and self-loathe one feels when they’ve found out they’re lover has cheated or the happy moments that don’t make sense anymore is enough to drive anyone insane.

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Reality TV has become a mirror to these emotions. So often you think you’re in it alone, then you turn on the tube to find out that another female is going through the same thing.

One moment he’s the reason you smile and the next second…the reason you want to find shelter under the smallest rock.

With the premiere of “Love & Hip Hop” Atlanta, we take a trip down memory lane at 5 really tear-evoking “Men ain’t s**t” moments, starting off with Mimi’s love– Stevie J (12:00)

What hurts the most about this clip, is– as this season airs, Mimi is somewhere watching it. She’s watching the man she continues to give her “all,” stare into another woman’s eyes (one who doesn’t speak English that well) and marvel her goodies. It’s sad because Stevie knows very well that his wife will see this and DOES NOT CARE!

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