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The Good & Bad of Having a “Bed Friend”

No Strings Attached...Right?No Strings Attached…Right?

By Alex Johnson for BounceBack.com

Okay. Admit it. There has been a time where you are in between relationships and you have become…well…how we shall say this…frisky. You have called, emailed or text messaged a certain someone to deliver the goods. This person is usually known as your “Bed Friend”.

The “Bed Friend” is someone that you probably went on one or two dates with, or even just had one date with and ended up sleeping together. The action in the bedroom was exciting but outside the bedroom things were not so hot. So, you keep this person around to take care of things while you are still out searching for your next relationship.

There have been a few movies about this type of relationship, “Friends with Benefits,” and “No Strings Attached,” however, in these movies, things always get complicated and no one really knows how to deal with the messiness that can come with having a “Bed Friend.”

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of having this type of relationship in our lives.


Having a person in your life that is purely designed to satisfy your cravings and leave can also leave room for a few complications when it comes to how you deal with your other relationships. We keep this person around for various reasons: There are the physical needs and there are also the emotional needs.

Sometimes it can be hard to separate the physical from the emotional, which is why when entering this “Bed Friend” relationship, the person in control must be YOU. You are the person that sets the rules and determines what is acceptable and what is not.

The biggest con to having this relationship in your life, and one you must be very conscious about, is that it can provide a wall between you and your next relationship. Having this person to provide all your needs without the relationship drama can block you from putting yourself out there again.

Don’t let something that is designed with no strings attached block you from finding someone amazing to get attached to.


Now, onto the good reasons why it is a good idea to have this, “Bed Friend” around in your life. When a relationship ends and you know you are not ready to jump into the next one, that is when you contact your friend.

This person provides all the wonderful needs without the relationship roller coaster. You get the physical needs met and at times can get the emotional needs met as well. Plus, it is a huge shot to a bruised relationship ego.

While there are exceptions to every rule, and there could be a chance to turn this relationship that was once strictly meant for the bedroom into one more open, we must proceed with caution – because one false move and the entire relationship can crumble and there goes your ego booster. Most of the time you can tell when things are about to shift. Again, YOU are the one in control and decide whether or not it is a good idea to change the dynamics of the relationship.

In any case, it is a good thing to have this type of relationship if you can handle it. Just don’t let it block you from finding true love. The “Bed Friend,” can be just what you need when you are in between relationships or it can be a major distraction from your next great love. Whatever you decide to do with this friend, make sure you protect not only your body but your heart as well.

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