This situation is the reason why people want shows like “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” off the air because I’m pretty sure the supposed fan who attacked Joseline last night got caught up in the hype and thought she would get her 15 minutes of fame by being reckless with the reality star.

Apparently Joseline was out and about in an ATL club when two viewers approached her to ask her questions about the baby she announced she’s expecting on the reality show. Not wanting to talk about her personal life unless cameras are rolling, Joseline ignored the girls and the next thing you know, she was headed to the car with a bloody face. So what happened in the interim? Surprisingly, the friend of the woman who hit her had no problem telling Freddy O exactly what she did. Here’s what she said:

“This is some bull….I am so tired of telling people what happened…My friend asked her ‘Joseline, why would you get rid of the baby her and Stevie J had made’…She then brushed my friend off so my friend hit her. I mean, you can’t just brush people off in the club and think it’s cool. Now she’s telling people that my friend hit her with a bottle and that’s not true.”

Um, you actually can brush people off in the club and not expect to be attacked. Women do it all the time. I’m sure their egos were bruised and yes Joseline has unnecessarily aired all of her dirty laundry on TV—right down to a public bathroom stall pregnancy test scene—however, what made them think she was just going to stand their and chop it up about her personal life with two strangers, especially the way that came at her?

I really hope these women were either experiencing liquor courage or thought they were at tryouts for next season of the show because you cannot just walk around fighting people because they ignore you. This is real life, not a scripted “reality” show. On another note, I think Joseline is getting a lot more than she bargained for out of her appearance on this show.

via MadameNoire