Tween R&B group Mindless Behavior ruined any chance of being “those cute little boys on stage at the BET Awards” when they cracked a joke on L-Boogie during the award show Sunday night.

One of the members of the quartet —the one with the wild, curly hair specifically—alluded to Lauryn Hill’s tax problems while they were on stage to present an award with Mike Epps, saying something was “Lauryn Hill not paying her taxes bad.” And though the jab was no doubt scripted, the audience was not amused. Supposedly, neither was Beyonce who got on stage singing Lauryn Hill’s praises immediately after.

Yesterday afternoon, the group tried to right their wrong, via Twitter of course, tweeting:

I’m really not sure if anyone could have gotten away with that joke but it definitely would have sounded better coming from someone who probably actually knows who Lauryn Hill is, and not a group of 14 year olds. Like Bey supposedly said, “not cool.”

What I think is even funnier about this situation is the response MB has gotten from its female fanbase, like this tweet:

@MindlessBhavior The team will never be mad at you. & you don’t need to apologize. Y’all didn’t do anything wrong. We love you.

Ahhh, remember when you were 14 and thought celebrities could do no wrong? Batman of the group Immature ruined that for me when he showed up on their IMX “The Journey” album cover with a pressed bob.

But anyway, do you accept Mindless Behavior’s apology?

via MadameNoire