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How I Received Tips for Satisfying a Woman

For those of you that do not know me, I am a woman. I received bizarre emails that offer to school me in the art of how to please a woman. I am a heterosexual woman. I am only attracted to men. The emails arrived addressed to me. However, the targeted market demographics are men. The emails are bulletin advertisements offering sex education tips.

The emails incessantly advise men to obtain a copy of the Female Orgasm Black Book. I concluded it had been impertinent to receive emails notifying me that I lack tips on how to please a woman. I am like Robert Pattinson. I am allergic to pie.

       Here is a portion of the email:

Hi Gina,

How are you? I hope you have gotten a chance to check out the Top 25 Tips & Techniques report.

Get Her Soaking Wet First

If you are not confident, you can give a woman an orgasm and you would like to learn how, then see this:

The Art of Foreplay

When it comes to foreplay, you will find that most women like the same things. Remember that it is a build-up of excitement, and not just fiddling with her clitoris.


Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow that should tell her you know what you are doing. It will drive her wild and make her want you even more!

Step 1: Hold her close and press your body against hers. Nuzzle gently into her neck and shoulders.

Step 2: Continue to hold her close while gently stroking her back. Lie her down and slide your hand lightly up and down her body along the outline of her hip. If you like, let your hand venture down to her butt occasionally, teasing her and making her tingle all over.

Step 3: Start to kiss her, slowly and simply. No tongues yet! Suck tenderly on her lower lip as you ease your tongue out, coaxing her to respond by opening her mouth. If she does, gradually push your tongue into her mouth while pressing your lips firmly against hers. Move down to her delicate neck and shoulders as you take her top off

Steps 4 thru 6 were too spicy to post. I skimmed through the site observing claims numerous women do not obtain satisfaction when making love. I saw it as another get rich scheme preying on inept men. The emails are from the website The author of the book cites, “92% of women will fake orgasm just to “get it over with.” It’s obvious that what most men are doing simply isn’t working.” The author of the book is Lee Jenkins. Jenkins professes, “60% of married women will cheat on their husbands.” [LJ]

A question from the newsletter asked, So Where Did You Say You Got Your Sex Education Again?” I thought to myself, “How did I receive these emails?” You may stop laughing anytime. I am not interested in exploring anyone else’s lady bits. I know where my hotspots are. I will pass on the advice from a man. A quote from the master himself compelled me to ask, “Should Men Take Sex Education Classes?” The banterer’s next claim sparked the interest. Jenkins stated, “Truth of the matter is most guys don’t have a clue about having sex, because most men simply aren’t getting a quality sexual education.” [LJ]

Now that Jenkins schooled me, on how to please a woman, I will pass these tips on to you. What percentage of

men do you think really know how to satisfy a woman? Do men need to read the Female Orgasm Black Book? Men, are you stimulating your woman? Ladies, is your man hitting the spot? What tips do you have for men?

Where did you get your Sex Education?


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