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TWINSBURG, OH (WOIO) -Change is coming to the E-Check Program.  Director Scott Nalley was in Twinsburg Tuesday launching the new items.

“How often do we sit here and say positive things about E-Check?” EPA Director Scott Nalley joked at the press conference.

They announced 53 new testing locations, including 37 Lube Stops, where most 1996 and newer gasoline vehicles and 1997 and newer diesel vehicles can be tested.

In addition, there are also 16 Self-Service Kiosks open 24 hours a day, seven days a week where you can conduct your own E-Check.

There are still 23 existing Full-Service E-Check stations, where vehicles can be tested.

The changes are about convenience, longer hours and better technology.

The rapid screen method offers unique advantages. You simply drive past, a camera on this end scans your license plate. On this end infrared sensors scan your exhaust for pollutants.  Make sure they can read the plate.

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That is part of the new 24-hour option, a self-test.  Touch the screen to start and a scanner is there for you to scan your car’s bar code ID.

And then it begins communicating with the whole system. It brings up the information for the vehicle.

Drivers hook a wireless analyzer to the car’s dashboard data port and let it diagnose problems.  In fairly short order, an E-Check certificate is printed out.

For more information, go to the E-check website by clicking here.


Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News