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Men’s Dating Profile Bloopers to Stay Away From

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Almost everyone has an account on social networking sites today. Websites like Twitter and Facebook have millions of users all around the globe, chatting and gossiping around the clock.

A lot of men also join these websites in search of their soul mate. Things often do not go right and they end up being the butt of all jokes, thanks to their own dating profile.

Highlighted below are some gruesome mistakes that men often make on their online dating profile. Make sure you eliminate them from your profile so that you have a higher chance of catching yourself the kind of girl you want.

Fake Pictures

Do not use a fake display picture. A lot of men use images of their favorite stars, and even pets, on their display picture. This is a sin! It just turns a woman off, and she creates all sorts of hunches (OMG! He must be ugly… Oh! Why is he scared of showing his face?) Be a man and put on your real picture for the world to see.

Stupid Status Updates

Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and other social networking and dating sites, all offer status updates. They are there for your friends to see and know what really is happening with you. Remember, everyone has the chance to be stupid, but some people abuse the privilege. Don’t be the one among the abusers. Rise up and raise the bar!

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Available All the Time

So what if you have no work to do, it doesn’t mean you stick to your profile and be available all the time. It sends negative signals to everyone, especially a girl. It makes her feel that you have nothing to do in life, and you’re just a dead beat.

False Stories

People find the internet to be the safest place to lie. The feeling that ‘no one will ever catch me’ should be put away. If you are planning to get serious with a girl, you need to be real. Lying doesn’t help in the long-run and one day you will get caught.

Showering Stupid Images

Please, don’t upload stupid images, and if you have done that, don’t send the link to the whole world showing it off. No girl wants to be with a stupid guy. If your profile is showing how shallow you can get, no girl will ever give you the chance to be with her.

Don’t Look Desperate

Please, try and not come off desperate. Some men might find it difficult, but this is important as desperation turns away almost all the good girls.

Don’t Complain

Complaining about things online is one of the most hated things. Remember, complaining and insulting are two things that don’t work when you are on the internet. If you really have a problem with something, be a man and speak up about it.

Don’t Hit on Every Girl

If you hit on everything that moves, you’ll be left with nothing. Be classy, raise standards and work on yourself. This is the key to success. You need to make your girl feel better.

If you are doing any of these stupid things, please do away with them. Change how your profile looks and increase your chances.

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