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Oh lawd not in da cheerch lol! A 64-year-old woman is facing an assault charge after allegedly beating a pastor in the head with a Bible during a dispute inside a Baptist church in Tennessee.

Cops busted Ina Garrett for the alleged Bible thumping of Rev. Leon Taylor, who heads the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Selmer, a city 100 miles east of Memphis.

According to a court complaint, McNairy County Sheriff’s Department deputies were summoned to the church in late-May to deal with a “lady that was unwanted.” Taylor told investigators that Garrett had been voted out of the church.

During the church confrontation, “Ms. Garrett took her Bible and threw it at Mr. Taylor hitting him in the face.” Taylor then took a swing at Garrett, but did not make contact. That Bible thump left a lump on the Pastor’s left eye…smh!

After a brief detour to a local hospital, Garrett was transported by a sheriff’s deputy to the county jail, where she was charged with “assault on the preacher Mr. Taylor.” In a TV interview, Garrett copped to striking Taylor in the head. “He’s got the demon in him,” she explained.

If you don’t do ANYTHING else you gotta peep this video…these folks have lost it!

via BMS

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