Is George Zimmerman running out of cash? The NY Post’s Page Six reports that ABC talk Diva Barbara Walters walked away from an interview with Zimmerman after he demanded at the last minute that, in return for the chat, ABC put him and his wife up in a Florida hotel for a month.

Walters, who flew to Florida on Wednesday to meet with Zimmerman, was reportedly “appalled” at Zimmerman’s demand for a month of luxury accommodations.

Earlier today, Zimmerman launched his own website in an effort to wrest control of thousands of dollars in public donations away from his attorneys.



From Page Six:

Walters flew down to Florida early yesterday and met with Zimmerman and his lawyer to discuss the possibility of a lengthy TV sitdown. Her interview would have taken place after he was done talking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, a situation that already made the newswoman leery, we’re told, as she prefers to land exclusives. But we’re told that Walters was “appalled” by Zimmerman’s hotel demand, and told him the deal was off. An ABC News spokesman confirmed that Walters met with Zimmerman, but refused to confirm what he asked for. “She went down there with every intention of doing an interview, but Mr. Zimmerman made a demand at the last minute that we could not and would never agree to,” the rep said.