Grand adventure

Life can be astoundingly beautiful and rich. There are possibilities that go far beyond anything you could imagine.

Today is your opportunity to live the adventure. Right now is when you can find immense fulfillment in bringing life’s best possibilities into being.

An entire universe, overflowing with abundance, stretches out in all directions from where you are. You can feel and see and know, you can learn, adapt and act, and you can fulfill your deep longing to make a real difference.

If you choose to fill your days with doubt, hesitation, self-pity and resentment, you miss out on the greatest opportunity ever. Choose instead to push enthusiastically forward every chance you get, and to fully live the adventure.

If you expect someone else to do it all for you, you’ll end up with a whole lot of terribly painful regret. Make the commitment to take full, hearty, ambitious responsibility for making your life the grand adventure you know it can be.

You’re never too old or too young or too poor or too rich. Each and every moment brings fresh, new opportunities for you to add to life’s magnificent substance, including the one right now.

— Ralph Marston