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How Many Times a Week Should You Be Having Sex?

By The_Stir

Can I ask you something? On average, how many times a week do you and your spouse do it?

If you’re married, chances are you’ve either been asked this question by another mom (or dad), or you’ve asked it yourself. My inside sources tell me that it’s all women seem to talk about when they get together. Guys talk about having sex, while women talk about the number of times they have to have it.


Studies vary all over the place, but on average it seems married couples have sex one or two times per week. Obviously, age comes into play too. Twentysomething newlyweds are going to be bopping non-stop like jack rabbits, while Grandma Doris and Grandpa Earl might be to afraid to even kiss each other for fear of breaking a hip.

But the real question isn’t, “How much sex are married couples having weekly?” Nope. Instead, it’s really, “How much sex should married couples have weekly?”

Chances are you’ll get a very different answer from men than from women. Guys will respond with a simple, “Yes, please” (meaning as much as is humanly possible). Most women, on the other hand, will say once or twice a month. Heck, some women may even offer up negative numbers.

Clearly there needs to be a compromise. With 24 hours in a day, there’s plenty of time to sleep, eat, and get some errands done. That easily leaves room for three or four romps in the sack a day. Roll that out over six days and you’re looking at roughly 20 times a week.

Hold the phone. Back up the truck. Say what? Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Six days, not seven? Oh, that’s not what you’re thinking. Well, regardless, there’s I reason I suggest six days of sexapalooza, rather than seven.


With distance, the heart grows fonder. It’s true. Or to put it more simply, if we take one day off to rest up, we’ll be hornier than a triceratops, ready to go for six days straight. It’ll also give us a day to relax and recharge. Just make sure to stock up on plenty of Gatorade.

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