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She’s been Lost & Found – then bound. Eventually, she said “Turn Me Loose to express all the Pieces of Me.” I’m talking about the dynamic, authentic and talented Ledisi.

Some say she’s an overnight success. Others are asking, why is she so happy? Where did she come from? Well, while Ledisi may be rapidly gaining success, her grind to this point has been a steady and slow roast . Ledisi’s path to this place began in New Orleans, when she was just eight years old.

By the time her Grammy Nominations rolled around in 2008, Ledisi was technically a veteran in the music industry, and she certainly has the wounds to show for it. Despite the smile you see and the positive messages you hear in her music, Ledisi has struggled to find that joy in a world where the elements of success have not typically included those she possesses. That perseverance is the Light that is Ledisi.

My reason for wanting to interview Ledisi was to learn more about the light and authentic soul she appeared to be. In my professional life, my job is to ensure that a person or organization’s brand is congruent and consistent according to their values. All indicators suggests that Ledisi’s brand is congruent and consistent with her values. Bear with me as I try to capture the interview.

Natural and Authentic Movements. When asked how she remains true in an industry that doesn’t promote it, here is what she had to say: “I didn’t start of in this industry the way many others do. I didn’t fit into any box although people kept trying to put me into one. I knew I wanted to do this my way, so I just followed my natural movements.

Celebrating Yourself. There is more than enough messaging to provide an erosion in the human spirit. If you receive the imagery that is prevalent in our society, somehow it appears that, a chosen few (in relation to the total) are good enough. We’re clear about what they look like, how they act, and what they have. Having to be blatantly faced with constant negative feedback about her authentic self, I asked, what kept her going when so many were doubting her? Ledisi said “Love and having the right people around to tell me the truth. Self love and celebrating yourself is so important in life. I learned through the process of creating and releasing my first album (Lost & Found) that you can’t please everyone. I’ve been Lost & Found and I’m so happy now, to be in this business. I won’t allow people to put me in a box. And, I hope that I’m encouraging others by choosing to live my life out loud. Now I don’t know any other way and I’m so much more comfortable with who I am today.”

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