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7 benefits of dating teachers

By Lauren Romano

Every year around back-to-school time, I’m reminded of a teacher I used to date a couple of years ago. We just didn’t have that spark so we only went on a handful of dates, but he was a great guy and will someday make a woman very happy (if he hasn’t already). There are a lot of benefits to dating a teacher, so if there’s one you’re interested in, it’s time to step up your game and go for it!

They get along with (almost) everyone

When you’re a teacher, you have to get along with young kids, their parents, coworkers, board members and a variety of others. It’s a requirement that you’re a people person. When you date a teacher, he’ll likely get along with almost anyone in your life from your parents to your best friends.

They like kids

Considering they work with kids on a daily basis, most teachers you meet are going to get along well with kids. This means if you have children or want some one day, there’s a good chance your guy is going to be able to connect well with them.

They have set hours and set vacation time

One of the biggest benefits of being a teacher is that you know what your hours are and when your vacation days are going to be. Your guy will be off weekends, holidays and the entire summer which means you can make plans without worry. Although he’ll have to attend some school functions, grade papers and do lesson plans after work, he won’t be working on most nights.

They believe in positive reinforcement

It’ll be hard to find a teacher who will say to a student “You’re an idiot. Do it again.” Teachers believe in positive reinforcement so rather than your guy throwing insults at you, he’ll likely be your biggest cheerleader. It’s an incredible feeling when you know your guy supports you.

They’re prepared for anything

I’ve yet to meet a teacher who wasn’t prepared for anything. Tissues, pens, paper, bandages, the exact amount of change, safety pins – they always seem to have everything you need on them at all times. It may be a superficial reason to date a teacher, but it’s still a huge benefit to know that whatever you need, your guy will likely have it on him.

They’re not selfish

Teachers are some of the most unselfish people on the planet. Many will go out of their way for anyone, especially those they care about. If you date a teacher, there’s a good chance he’ll go out of his way to be there for you for whatever you need.

You can always learn something new

It’s amazing how much teachers know about a variety of topics. As someone who loves constantly learning, I need to be with a guy from whom I can learn. Rarely have I had a conversation with a teacher where I didn’t learn something new. If you have a thirst for knowledge, a teacher may just be your ideal mate.

There are, of course, exceptions to the rule and some teachers aren’t so wonderful. However, should you decide to go for a teacher, he’ll likely come with many of the aforementioned benefits that can help make your relationship a success.

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