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4 Easy Ways to Judge If the Guy is Falling for You


A man in love is expressive more through his actions than his words. He might just prefer giving you flowers to tell you how special you are or just prepare breakfast in bed for you to make you feel that he cares. Since men are usually not very complicated, it is easier to guess if he thinks of you more than ‘just friends’.

What to Look For?

His Behavior

A man’s behavior is a telltale sign of his feelings. Moreover, they are quick in action and reaction. It is not easy for a man to hide things for a very long time, especially if they are true feelings. A man in love is sweet and will do anything to make you feel special. He may not say it clearly, but watching his behavior will give you the right idea. A man in love with you will always be close to you and your family. He will do various things on his own just to see you smile.

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Body Language

Again, the facial expressions and body language of a man in love say it all. If he is falling for you, he will be connected to you. There will be a silent chemistry between you two that you will experience only if you focus on it. If he loves you, he will always be very protective about you. He will be gentle and you will feel it when he touches your hair or your shoulder lightly.

Does he usually get lost in thought looking at you? You have your answer!

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His Interest

How interested he is about knowing you and your personality really matters. If he is least bothered about what you like, what you wear and what you say, he is definitely not showing any signs. A man in love can easily recall the day you wore his favorite color. He keeps important dates and events in mind. He gets you things that you like without you asking for them.

A man in love will wait till you smile and will smile back once you do.

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His Touch

A man in love has the power to make you tingle with his soft touch. He will always touch your face or hair to make you comfortable. He will tenderly touch you in public and private.

If he never hesitates to hold your hand in public, he loves you.

Last but not the least, listen to what you heart says. You will know if he is actually falling for you. It wouldn’t be possible for you to let go of such a person who is so devoted to you. So if the signs are positive, give him enough space to approach you and be open about it. And soon you will be on a new journey of your love life!

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