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Aaliyah Is Timeless And Is Sill Alive Through The Soul Of Drake

By BridgetEE

August 25, 2001 almost 11 years ago a talent so awesome was called to return amongst the angels that she no doubt had aligned herself her on earth with.  A gift that was taken back from us so early that I honestly  believe we will never know the true impact this dove was making on music, art, entertainment and life itself.  A person whom every time the wrong presentation presented itself through divine intervention knew how to remove herself.  A person that had the well-rounded entertaining capabilities to make even Romeo himself fall in love with someone other than Juliette.  A person that standing flat-footed so early in her prime had the resound of an angel.  A person whom if was still lent to us a little longer could have a serious impact on our young sistas today. 


While gathering my thoughts at the close of the day I received a message that a resurrection was being dawned in order to let us touch this heavenly angel yet one more time and her soul would be emanated through the flesh of one called Drake.  Although there is still some question whether or not there will be a complete new Aaliyah CD, for now  we will have to embrace what gift we are allowed to behold for the moment.  All I can say is “Enough Said”…..And please if you don’t do anything else please listen responsibly>>>>

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