6 High School Dating Habits We Kinda Miss as Grownups

Gena Kaufman, Glamour

As Anna’s cute little sister reminded us, dating in high school is the Worst, with a capital W(TF). That said, there are a few things to miss about it.

Dating at any point in life has its highs and lows, and the lows of your teenage years are hard: the gossip, the acne, the fact that you could never quite become a popular girl. However, no matter how great dating as an adult can be, you’re just not going to get the same highs as you did back when your crush walked by your locker and smiled at you: total meltdown.

Here are a few dating habits we all got into in high school that if we’re honest, we kind of miss:

Passing notes. Remember how you’d fold up a sheet of lined paper into a complicated little triangle with a flap to pull it open, decorate it with a smiley face, and stick it in your guy’s locker? I’m not the first or last person to lament the lost art of the written letter, but it’s true: perusing your Gmail archives just doesn’t have the same effect as pulling down a shoebox filled with crumped notes about how boring third period study hall is when you’re not allowed to sit together.

Talking on the phone for hours. OMG, hiding the phone when your mom came into say good night and then whispering until you fell asleep at 2 a.m. with the phone still cradled in your ear. This was romance, people! Also a contributing factor to your acne-phones are a hotbed of bacteria smushed against your cheek. Totally worth it though.

Pranks as a sign of affection. The hottest activities at sleepovers were always: talking about boys, prank calling boys, and on a really good night, busting out your black sweatpants to sneak over to the cute neighbor boy’s house and cover all his trees in toilet paper. These days you’d be seen as a bit of a psycho if you did such a thing, and it is an odd way to show affection, but those are some of the best memories from back in the day. You laughed until you were afraid you’d throw up the nachos you ate on the pre-TPing late-night Taco Bell run.

Going out on the fanciest dates, paid for by your parents. To this day, you probably haven’t ever dressed up so much for a date as you did with your poofy, sequined prom dress. Nobody brings you a wearable flower before you go to the local pub on Saturday night. Plus, I’m guessing his parents don’t give him money to pay for your meal like most of the parents of your high school dates did. Life was kind of easier back then, even if you didn’t appreciate it at the time!

Making out under the bleachers. Or in the back of the bus. Or parked in car at your town reservoir (a thing in my hometown). Or in the wrestling room (Ariane’s example). While you probably appreciate having your own, parent-free place to live as an adult, don’t you kind of miss the challenge of finding secret places to hook up?

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