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Does Your Gay Best Friend Get in the Middle of Your Relationship?

Posted by Alex Johnson for

Ever since the world was introduced to the popular TV show, Will & Grace, it seemed like everyone had to run out and get themselves a great gay sidekick. Now having a gay character in any TV or movie is as essential as having a killer soundtrack. As someone that didn’t watch the TV show when it was on the air, I did manage to catch a particular episode where the characters were having an argument because one of the character’s had a brand new relationship and the attention was being distributed differently. It then brought up the question…is having a gay best friend good or bad for your romantic relationship?

 In many straight relationships, there will come a time when after that honeymoon phase is over, you will find yourself wanting to do things that don’t involve being in a couple; almost reverting back to your single days. Like, going shopping, brunch with your friends and or even that occasional, “night on the town with the girls.” These types of activities can usually draw in some jealously for the partner that is not being invited.

Enter the “Gay Best Friend”. This particular friend will put all your partner’s worries at ease. Below are just a few pros and cons to having the Gay Best Friend in your relationship:


 1. You will never have to sit in another dressing room bored to tears while your partner tries on clothes.

 2. If your girlfriend says she is going with her sidekick to a bar, no worries of any bedroom activities going on. In fact, her friend will probably protect her from the prey.

 3. Bonding with the gay friend will not only help build trust but can also help your relationship go to a new and deeper level.




1. Less time and attention spent on you and more on her friendship.

2. Your partner shares more with her amigo than with you.

 3. She might become slightly sassier to you!

 So, is having a gay best friend good or bad for the relationship? It is all about time management and understanding. Like any relationship, whether that is with coworkers, friends, boyfriend/girlfriends it is all about balance. Knowing when to include your partner and exclude them. When one relationship is lacking attention, you must shift your focus on the other one. No one ever said it would be easy but I can assure you it is worth it. Original Story

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