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Road trips are great ways to escape the mundane and monotonous. Whether the trips are with friends or family, road trips provide a great opportunity to travel and come to know how locals operate and live in another “neck of the woods”. So this “Save Money Monday”, let’s explore ways to save money during that drive to temporary destiny.

1. Tune up your car.

Although recent reports indicate that gas prices are on the decline, a summer road trip can quickly become expensive.To make sure that each tank of gas takes you as far as possible, make sure you visit your local mechanic and have your your car professionally tuned up prior to departure. In addition to the tune up, have all of the fluids checked, change the oil and air filter, and make sure that your tires are properly inflated. These measures greatly increase your miles per gallon, which can leave plenty of money in your pocket for souvenirs and festivities in that new city.

2. Can you stay with family and/or friends?

If you are planning a road trip, do friends and/or family live in the final destination city? If so, consider staying with them. If they have a few extra bedrooms or even a guest home or guest quarters, consider staying with them to cut down on lodging costs. You may find that you have more fun and flexibility if you stay with someone you know. Also, consider pitching in with the cooking and cleaning duties and even offer to wrap up your visit with a party or BBQ you will host.

3. Hunt for discounts.

Be on the lookout for discounts. If you are going to a theme park, log on to the theme park’s website and search for discounts on admission. Or if you are trying out a new restaurant, consider calling ahead and seeing if they are offering specials for out of town visitors.

4. Book In advance.

If you know the city or cities where you will be staying, book your hotels and motels in advance. Also, ask for discounts on room rates and see what you are offered. Advanced booking saves tremendous headaches and can prevent you from having to drive from hotel to hotel each night looking for a vacancy.

Watch the video below for additional Road Trip Tips:

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