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lip gloss

One way to give your lips an attractive shimmer and dash of color is by applying lip gloss.

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One way to give your lips wonderful shimmer and a dash of color is by applying lip gloss. Glosses work well to give the lips a healthy glow without the weight of lipsticks or lip stains. Glosses can also make lips appear fuller, providing a pouty allure. Here are some helpful application tricks that can give you a perfect shimmery pout!

You can have full lips. If you have lips that are a bit on the thin side, an easy trick to make them appear plumper is to apply your gloss over the middle of your lips. This technique gives the illusion of juicier and fatter lips.

The opposite holds true if you have large lips. You do not want to overdo it with your gloss so apply your gloss in moderation.

Your lip gloss can last. There is nothing like finding a great lip gloss and you eat a burger and there is no gloss on your lips. Here is an application trick: try applying a light coating of face powder over the gloss. This coating prevents melting and smudging of the gloss. To get rid of any excess powder, gently blot the lips with tissue.

lip gloss

For fuller lips, apply your gloss in the center of your lips.

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Bring out your color with gloss. Let’s say you have a wonderful wine or red color lipstick and you really want to make it stand out. Coat that color with a bronze or a shimmery gold lip gloss. A little goes a long way. Just apply your color, blot the color and then apply your gloss. Watch those lips pop!

Check out the video below for additional lip gloss tips and techniques, watch the video below:

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