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The Difference Between Day & Night when it Comes to Finding Love

By BounceBack

Day or Night : When is the best time to meet someone? Day or Night : When is the best time to meet someone?

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Everyone has their own story. You can meet someone in so many different places, in so many different ways, that we are all bound to tell very unique tales. Fate, destiny, and any other predetermined notions can easily be involved, providing the story with more passion, shoeing away any uniformity that might exist. These are the stories we live to tell. These are the stories we live for.

I’ve had some strangely unique stories in my day. Going above and beyond to talk to someone or going above and beyond to get to know someone can be all the story needs to find its place amongst the meaningful and the powerful. But as uniquely written, my stories have always been two distinct, initial themes, introducing my stories in a dichotomous, night and day fashion.


Sex. I should leave it at that but the substance to my article will disappear into — the night. Initial, sexual attraction blows gravity out of the water as one of the strongest forces known to man. It’s the truth. When you think about it, we’re a bunch of hormonal animals, ready to pounce on our prey.

Two people can start and build a relationship based around sex…easily.

For starters, it’s always a lot easier interacting with our clothes off…for most people, that is. Feelings and emotions stay far, far away, latent in the darkness of the room. Let’s attack this with an open mind, keeping our own personal experiences at bay.

I understand everybody always wants more so a relationship based solely on sex might not sit well forever. Just bear with me. You meet up at a bar or at your place or wherever, you talk for a little but the night is already overshadowed by the main objective for your meeting. There really isn’t much room for opening up and that’s perfectly okay. That’s perfectly okay because the more and more you spend time with someone, the more and more you interact in a sexual way, you are bound to develop some, remote type of feelings for that person.

Yes, even guys. Neither of you would continue to waste your time with someone if you didn’t enjoy the other person’s company, regardless of how good the sex is.

This is strangely how relationships begin — and ultimately come to an end but that’s not what we’re discussing here. If you spend so much time with a person in an intimate state, not only do you become comfortable around them in a personal way but you are sharing something just as personal. Sex can sometimes be thrown around like a freakin’ baseball but after a while, especially with the same person, it becomes difficult to keep it unemotional.

The relationship starts solely physically but leads to something completely different. At that point, when feelings are developed and emotions come out of hiding, it’s up to both parties to see what the next move is. There is no reason why you can’t learn to love someone, using the sex and the physical aspects to build something special.


No sex. Not right away at least. Have you ever heard of being in the friend zone? Yeah — well — it’s the worst place to be and the worst title to obtain…maybe besides Fenway Park and a Boston Red Sox fan. You’re stuck in a world with no room for progression. You’re stuck in a room with no escape.

Being in the friend zone royally sucks but — not if you and whoever the friend is are both in the friend zone, sharing feelings of something more.

In the long run, this may be a lot more meaningful than your nightly approach at building a relationship. When you meet someone and you feel a certain, specific way, whether butterflies are flying around or not, it’s hard to make sense of it. What is it? What does it mean? Are we going to take a huge risk in letting each other into our lives? Are they full of it? Do they mean what they say?

Well — all of that is normal. That’s why it is normal and maybe even safer to build a relationship during the day. This gives you the junction to get to know someone on a completely different level; to learn a lot about them; to interact in a way, uncommonly accepted in a society highly focused on getting physical and jumping the gun.

I’ve always said that waiting to kiss someone is more meaningful than waiting to have sex with them. In this case, waiting will build the relationship for you. Now if you don’t like sitting around, you don’t have to let ‘waiting’ do all the work. Hang out as friends, do things together, and talk…a lot. Make sure the time is right before taking the next step. Allow yourself enough time to trust each other, to really know each other.

I know it may be easier said than done. Impatience kicks in, making it unbearable to be around them in a friendly matter. That just means that it’s worth it. It’s worth the wait.

All of the feelings in the world might not be present initially but if there is something there, whatever it may be, it’s definitely worth taking this route and finding out whatever it may be.

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