Pennsylvania’s Court of Judicial Discipline concluded Wednesday that Willie Singletary, a traffic court judge, brought his judicial office in to disrepute when he showed photos of his “judicial genitals” to a government contractor earlier this year, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Singletary was accused of displaying two smartphone photos of his erect penis on February 19 to a 22-year-old traffic court cashier, who has been identified merely as ”F.” The 31-year-old judge contends that he had forgotten about the lewd photos that were on his phone and had unintentionally displayed them to the woman.  Singletary, who is also an ordained minister, insists that he also shared with the cashier photos of his family members and church.

Watch the case here:

The Court of Judicial Discipline, however, is not buying Singletary’s story.  According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, they believe that “taking photographs of one’s erect penis is a ‘memorable event.’ We also mention that they weren’t stored in [Singletary’s] phone for nothing – they were stored in his photo for re-viewing. What else?  A judge who intentionally grooms his penis for photography, and then intentionally photographs his penis for the purpose of display to others, had better remember that the photographs are in his phone lest they ‘slip out’ at some inopportune . . . time under circumstances which are likely to offend another person,” the court added.

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