6 Signs Your Guy is Ready for a Baby (and 6 Signs He’s Just a Man Baby)

by Gena Kaufman, Glamour

Are you guys having a moment of “Babies are everywhere!” or is it just me? Two of my best friends had babies this year, another is due like, any minute, and I just video chatted with my cousin and her brood of four little ones last night. Squee!

I’m a total baby person, but not everybody is. And while I know some women who don’t start squealing at the site of a stroller, I know a lot more men that seem kind of blasé about the whole thing. If you’re feeling like you’re totally ready but you’re not sure you guy is on the same page (or if you’re so not there yet but you’re freaking out that he is!), here are few signs he might be ready for the pitter patter of little feet. On the other hand, there are also some alternate signs that he’s not there yet due to being kind of a baby himself.

Ready For Baby: He sees kids everywhere. He starts pointing out cute babies with their parents to you at the grocery store, the park and the coffee shop.

Man Baby: When you swoon over a pair of identical newborns, he doesn’t even notice because he’s distracted by watching skateboarders, perusing the used books for sale at that stand over there, and not-so-subtly scoping cleavage, not necessarily in that order.

Ready For Baby: When you’re sick, he has no qualms about bringing you soup, rubbing your back at night while you cough miserably or even helping clean up after an unfortunate bout of food poisoning.

Man Baby: He runs away screaming “No cooties!” and sleeps in the guest room every time you so much as sniffle.

Ready For Baby: When you got a new puppy, he took on at least half the responsibility of feeding, walking, and vet visits without complaining. Puppies are the new babies, after all.

Man Baby: If you go on a trip without him, you can pretty much guarantee the cat’s litter box will be filthy and disgusting when you get home, and you have to text him every day to remind him to feed her.

Ready For Baby: He actually holds and plays with his friends’ kids or his nieces and nephews, laughing hysterically when they giggle (and making your ovaries ache).

Man Baby: He awkwardly pats them on the head and says stiffly, “What a lovely little person” while slowly backing away. He doesn’t put down his beer during this entire exchange.

Ready For Baby: He cuts back on spending in order to save up for a house with some space or a safer car.

Man Baby: His savings account has $37 in it after he basically turned your living room into a movie theater with that giant flat screen and way too loud sound system.

Ready For Baby: He forwards you a picture of his cousin’s new baby, with all the birth stats, a smiley face, and an “Isn’t she adorable?!?”

Man Baby: When you run into his best friend and his wife at the mall, you’re shocked to hear see them carrying a little bundle of joy, since your guy forget to even tell you they were expecting. He “forgot”.

Of course, the best way to figure all this out is to have a serious talk about when you both might want to enter the world of parenthood. But don’t say I didn’t give you fair warning about your Man Baby!

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