Think bigger

To get beyond the challenges, get your mind above those challenges. Focus on the bigger picture.

It’s all too easy to become obsessed with the problems at hand. Yet by choosing to rise above those problems, you can transform them into powerful opportunities.

You are bigger and better than the difficult circumstances that surround you. Feel the immense power of your positive purpose, and make the commitment to make a real difference.

Don’t be intimidated into dealing with life from a position of weakness. Choose to see the bigger, better possibilities, and passionately work to bring them to life.

Instead of getting mired in pettiness, get inspired by your own magnificent, positive vision of life at its highest level. Stop seeing your life as a struggle to escape the worst, and transform it into a quest to create and experience the best.

You are far more capable, creative, joyful and effective than you’ve ever allowed yourself to be. See the bigger, better picture, and let your life express it fully.

— Ralph Marston