Toni Braxton admits her single, “You’re Makin’ Me High,” was inspired, in part, by her first experience with weed.

“A week before that, I was introduced to marijuana, and I got high for the first time, and so I kinda added that into the song,” said Toni.

The track, which won a Grammy Award, was a hit from Toni’s second album, Secrets, but if it had not been for sister Traci, there may have never been a first album. 

“I remember I called my manager and I told him no,” Toni said explaining her initial reaction to the suggestion that she sign a record deal that did not include her siblings.

The oldest of the five sisters recounted how after releasing one single as part of The Braxtons in 1990, “Good Life,” she reluctantly agreed to sign to La Face Records without them.

According to Toni, it was her sister Traci who encouraged her to not let them hold her back.

“I was like, ‘Toni, go ahead. Do it. I want you to. I know you, Toni. You’re going to leave us behind,’” recalled Traci who suggested Toni pave the way, so her sisters could follow.

That was the push Toni needed to make that move toward stardom.

“I said, ‘Okay, Traci, maybe I could do that,’ and I made it my vow to do that,” said Toni.

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