Don’t Tell Everyone Everything; Keep Your Secrets

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Keep Some Aspects of Your Dating Life to Yourself

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Can I tell you a secret?

When somebody begins a sentence with “I’m not supposed to tell anyone this but…”, you know you’re about to hear a big, fat, juicy detail about someone or something.

Don’t be that person that craves gossip and spreads rumors like you’re back in the ninth grade. Understandably, being open and honest is a good quality to have, but only regarding yourself. There’s no need to express candor towards everyone else and their mother’s business and lives. Being able to keep a secret, keeping things private in the process, builds the amount of trust one might have in you.

Presenting yourself candidly is an important and commendable quality to display in a relationship. When it comes to each other and your pasts and your likes and your dislikes and your family, so on and so on, none of that needs to become publicly shared like a stock on Nasdaq.

Loose lips sink more than just ships. Loose lips can affect the course of an entire relationship.

This may not apply for everyone. We all have close friends in our life that we share everything with. That’s great but if you are in a relationship with someone who respects and appreciates their own privacy, listen up. This is something to abide by in the future.

Sex Life

Hush, hush. Sex can become very personal; a connection or bond between two people involving passion and heart. In a relationship, simple sex can easily transform into making love; foreign to most people. In times of deep intimacy, it might be better to lock it up and throw away the key. Keep the sex in the bedroom, not in discussions with your buddies.

Embarrassing Moments

No matter how funny, remember the way your significant other will feel. It’s definitely better to make light of our weaker moments but make sure it is done in a way that you’re not incriminating the person you love or putting them on blast for everyone to roast and heckle.


Having a rough past is hard to deal with in itself. There’s no need to make it harder. We don’t realize how difficult it can be for someone to tell us something from a once dark day; one absent of happiness, knee deep in hardship and trouble. Being entrusted with that type of information can be a lot to handle but the way you do handle it will continue to define your relationship.

Remember how hard it was to gain that trust from the person you love? It will be even harder to get back if you ever lose it. It may be a silly concept but one moment can change it all, sinking the one ship you actually want to be on.

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