Though their political beliefs might be on opposite sides, actress LisaRaye McCoy is standing up for her former Single Ladies costar actress Stacey Dash.

When Ms. Dash revealed she was supporting Mitt Romney for president, the actress received lots of backlash and hateful words. In a long ranging interview with Chris Yandek of, the Former First Lady of Turks and Caicos Islands said it is wrong to believe any ethnic group must universally hold the same political beliefs and Stacey Dash has a right to her beliefs:

“When I heard that and when I saw that you know, I’m a person who tries very hard not to judge because I don’t want to be judged. And so to me I was like, come on guys. You know that’s her opinion, that’s her right whoever she wants to vote for is her. I think the only reason why she got such a backlash is because she’s a black woman and you automatically you know think she’s supposed to vote for Obama because he’s black too. That’s not necessarily true. What her life has been has moved her to support Mitt Romney. We don’t know what she got going on. We don’t know if she’s a multimillionaire, billionaire and she don’t mind paying extra taxes. We don’t know that. … My hats off to whomever does whatever. … I don’t know why they came down so hard on her.”

Focusing on her marriage to former Turks and Caicos Islands prime minister Michael Misick, she admits sometimes she wonders what she was thinking getting married and becoming the First Lady of the Caribbean island country. The actress known to many as Diamond in The Players Club says she wasn’t in love with Michael:

“Oh yeah. Oh damn. Hell yeah. I shouldn’t have ever gotten married you know. Because I married under God’s vows and it wasn’t true. I did not feel that way and so it was doomed from the beginning and although I justified it by saying, ‘Oh I knew why we got married. We knew what it was and it was our commitment to ourself.’ We still got married under those same vows in which people hold sacred and we did not. We were dating in our marriage and that was our agreement and although I had, was dating him before we agreed to get married and there was definitely a chemistry there and definitely a love there, but I wasn’t in love. I wasn’t.

We were dating to get to that point. That was backwards and I had to accept that and had to accept my responsibility in what it is I did. I know one damn thing, when I get ready to do it next time, I’m damn sure gonna do it right. … Sometimes I felt like a princess in a glass house because I left my career, I left my friends, I left my family and I went over there to support him and I had no one for me you know.”

You can listen to the entire 25 minute interview with LisaRaye McCoy where she talks about her life lessons and career at Chris Yandek’s CYInterview.

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