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Kids And A Husband? Is It Even Possible?

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Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyFit

Bringing a child into this world is a great responsibility and couples are often aware of this fact. But what they gradually forget is the fact that before becoming parents, they were once man and wife. As time goes on, married people become too involved in matters of the family to focus on themselves as a couple.

Between work and changing diapers or driving to baseball practice, there’s seldom any time left for couples to express their love and sincerity towards each other. In many cases, spouses tend to feel ignored and eventually get bored and leave.

Parents tend to be more involved with their kids within the beginning years as those years are dedicated towards the nourishment and proper upbringing of the child. Women are considered to be more involved than men as they opt to become good moms, while also keeping up with their career motivation. This leaves their spouse feeling unwanted and overlooked.

You may think that family life is too much to handle but a few simple tips given below can help you retain your marital bliss even after the joys of becoming a parent.

Reminiscing Good Times

People might recall the days of their courtship and yearn for the same attentiveness and display of affection they had once experienced. You can relive those days by making every little moment count. Packing your husband’s favorite lunch or greeting him with regular kisses can make him feel less unwanted. This will give him an idea that you still care for the little things in life that make up his day.

Men could also relive their courtship days with presenting their wives with small gifts like flowers and perfumes etc. You could always make plans for a movie for an outing that makes her happy.

Maintaining Communication

After having kids, most couples are faced with difficulties when it comes to talking about their feelings leading to a communication gap. They can’t talk about their issues in front of the children and lose the chance to vent out whatever’s bothering them. This mostly happens because they deem it inappropriate for kids to hear them discuss their issues.

You could make things a lot easier by setting up some rules that will allow you to spend ‘couple time’ together at least once a week. This can help you give your spouse the undivided attention that he or she has been craving for all week. Dating can also help you understand each other’s problems and responsibilities by talking it through.

Avoid Fighting

Communication gaps often lead to couples fighting and screaming at each other almost all the time. Reduce this gap and try to understand what’s been bothering your spouse. It could be related to work, household chores or bedroom issues etc. Divide your responsibilities accordingly so that you both can stay in conformity with each other.

Things that Matter

When it comes to relationships, even the smallest gesture applied with sincerity can show your spouse that you care.Try maintaining contact by texting or phone calls. Asking your spouse about their day and work issues can really turn things around.

Spend some quality ‘couple time’ by taking your spouse out to dinner or cooking a scrumptious meal at home. You could join yoga classes or sign in the same gym to spend some time together along with keeping yourselves healthy.

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