How to Get a Guy to Do Anything


These tips will help you get your way.These tips will help you get your way.Sure, relationships are a partnership but sometimes, you just want to get your way. Curious to know how we can make that happen, we pumped the guys at for more info. Their tips on how to get a man to do just about anything…

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Take You to a Chick Flick

Appeal to his sense of fairness and tell him that the next time you see a movie, he can pick. And if you don’t want him to pick Boobs and Explosions 3: Boobsplosion when the time comes, save the super chicky chick-flicks to see with your friends and bring him to one that he might actually wind up sort of enjoying.

Hook Up Your Stereo

Guys love playing the “hero” for women. But they also tend to love women who don’t come across as helpless princesses. So let him know that you made an attempt, but that you couldn’t figure it out, or that you quickly realized you’d much rather cook dinner for your boyfriend as a thank-you for him doing it instead.

Drive You to the Airport

Just make it worth his while. Tell him that you’ll use the money you would have spent on the cab to take him out for drinks when you get back from your trip.

Go to a Wedding With You

Guys are well aware that only about one in four weddings wind up being genuinely fun, while the rest are anywhere on the scale from “fine” to “super boring.” So don’t try to con him. Just let him know that it’s a wedding you really need and/or want to attend, and be sure to mention anyone else he’ll know there. Oh, and obviously remind him of the open bar.

Meet Your Parents

Most guys will welcome the opportunity to charm your mom, buddy up to your dad, and hear embarrassing stories about you. Pretty much all you have to do is not force it. First, wait until the two of you are in a serious, committed relationship. Then when the time comes, don’t tell him, “I think we’re at a point in our relationship where you should meet my parents.” That sounds scary. Instead, say something like, “Hey, want to grab dinner with my folks? You’re gonna love my dad, he’s hilarious.” That sounds fun.

Go to Your Friend’s Party

He may dread going because he’s worried he’ll be standing alone in a corner for seven hours while you gab with your friends. So alter his expectations. Tell him that you want to go for a couple of hours, but if he’s not having any fun at that point, you can leave. And reassure him that while you’re there, you won’t abandon him in a roomful of people he doesn’t know.

Buy You a Great Christmas Present

Hints are totally lost on men. So if you leave an issue of Cosmo on the kitchen table, opened to a page featuring a necklace you love, do not expect your guy to see it and go buy you that necklace-even if you’ve used a red pen to circle the necklace and write “I LOVE THIS” on the page. So you need to be more direct. So if you’re hanging out at home with him, open up the magazine and show him and tell him, “I love this.” Or if you’re out shopping together, aim yourselves toward a store carrying what you want and make a point to comment on how much you love it. He’ll be grateful for the help.

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